Gold Blast Puzzle Review | Real Or Fake| Is It Legit?

    Gold Blast Puzzle App Review – Welcome friends to our review website In this post, I will provide review of gaming and earning application. In this post I am talked about Gaming App named Gold Blast Puzzle App and let's find out whether it is real or fake. I know some questions must have come in your mind about Gold Blast Puzzle App, mostly questions:

  • Is Gold Blast Puzzle App/game is Real or fake?
  • how does Gold Blast Puzzle  game Works? 
  • Is Gold Blast Puzzle Game is safe?
  • What is Gold Blast Puzzle game?
  • Gold Blast Puzzle App Legit Or Scam?
  •   and many others.
  • Conclusion
  • Final Word

If you want to know the answer of above questions of application, then you read this article thoroughly, only then you will be able to get all the information and does this app give money.

I Request you to definitely click on once on Ads.

What is ‘Gold Blast Puzzle’ App?

You must have heard this, in this application you get to see a Ads, on which you are given money on clicking on the Ads and it also says that you can earn lot of money by clicking the Ads. This application is only on Android. and runs in ios it doesn't run in the Apple because apple is a does not allow such type of app.

In this application you have to solve the puzzle to earn rewards. Gold Blast Puzzle is game that available in playstore.

Before reviewing it, you should have a little knowledge of it, so we have given you a little introduction.

Let's talk about Gold Blast Puzzle App is Good and bad ?

Gold Blast Puzzle’ App is Real Or Fake:

Name – Gold Blast Puzzle: Money games to be a millionaire

Status – Doubtful

App Type – Gaming App

Developer – Tapps Games

Language – English

Owner – Hans Wolf

For your information, let me tell you that much information about this Gold Blast Puzzle App is not web on the internet, yet we have arranged for you.

Gold Blast Puzzle app is good for puzzle. App gives money to users initially to increase their identity but you should not expect to earn money from this app.

It has been learned from the information of the people that whatever they have earned from Gold Blast Puzzle App has not come to their account.

When you come close to the minimum payment amount then you are given money.

 when you think that we will be able to use bigger amount also but that level becomes hard and you are given money on a small amount due to which Your payment amount is not complete,

 in the same application you are not going to get money in the account, then you cannot make any money.

This application is designed in such a way in which you have to see the ads when you click on that Ads an advertisement is shown in front of you and through which the Gold Blast Puzzle App earns money and with this Business model it grows very quickly. 


​•Lot of ads

•Waste Time


According to our review, it is found that this application is not good for you in terms of earning money.

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Gold Blast Puzzle Review

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