Bobi Step- Walking Tracker App Review | Bobi Step Real Or Fake | Payment Proof?

Bobi Step-Walking Tracker App Review-Hello friends, if you also want to know about Bobi step app, then you have come to the right place, here I will also tell you about Bobi step app review.Whether this app will give you money or not has a direct effect, Bobi Step real or fake?This question must have come in your mind whether this app is safe or not or how the app works, how to withdraw money from this app and many others.

Without waiting let's start review of Bobi Step App.According to my advice, you should read this article completely so that you can get complete information about Bobi step app.

Let us find out about the Bobi Step app, is it real or fake, will this app give you money, let's start that Bobi step review.

Bobi Step App Review

App- Bobi Step
Status-- Unknown
Real or Fake- Unknown
Available- Playstore

Note : – For Payment Proof on Bobi Step Walking Tracker App Swipe Down.

What is Bobi Step App?

In Bobi step app, you get a lot of options from where you you can earn money like walking task,daily reward task,watch ads and you get chance to win till iphone.What app if you want to download then you will get this app in play store For this application it has been added to play store and this app has been downloaded by one million people, in this app you will have to download.

You are given many walking tasks found in this app if you complete those task then you get some point or coin you can take into account through your payment option in the form of money, We have told you about the Riview of Bobi Step App.

Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring your friends in this, the more you refer, the more you will be able to earn.

How does it work?

You can earn money from Bobi Step app, that too many ads have been installed in the Bobi step app, He also earns  money through ADS and takes advantage of your.

How do you paid?

There are many payment methods in this app from where you can withdraw money, some payment methods are as-

Paytm-This is Indian platform which is UPI app. In this also you can take money, for this you will have to give your UPI ID that too in the Bobi Step app.

Bank Transfer-Bank transfer is a bank server that holds your money, you can transfer money by entering your account number and bank name in the Bobi Step app.

Bobi Step App Real Or Fake

Bobi Step has a lot of coins require f to be completed and I completed them completely when I tried to withdraw I got withdrawal but no money in my account.
That says Bobi Step is fake.

Bobi Step App Payment Proof

I have already told about the Bobi Step app but let me inform you about its payment proof, for this I have taken a screenshot of such apps which I have given below, you can scroll there by scrolling. See that.

Bobi Step App Legit or Scam?

We are just going to tell about legit or scam of Bobby Step, before that let me tell you that this is a fraud, so this is the scam not legit.

Is Bobi Step Legit?

Bobi step is totally fraud app it is not legit . you should not use it because i used it but i didn't get any benefit.

Is Bobi Step Safe?

Bobi step app, but using it is not beneficial for you because using this app you will not get anything and you will not get money from it.

-great app to pass time
-best app for exercise
-no sign up
-referral program system available.

Network Errors.
Bad Customer Care Service.


This app is running a lot right now, but the use of this app will not be very good, does not give you money, does not give anything, then what is the benefit of it, it does not give you anything.
Don't Use

Final Words

According to the review, Bobi Step found as a fake or scam. don't try to use this app more because this app will not give your money if you complete the payment method the you will not receive a money in your bank.
 This is the reason why it is called a fake.

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